About us



While the firm initially focused on criminal law, it has broadened its practice and has developed a thriving commercial and business practice, providing its Greek and International clients with top quality expertise in civil, administrative, penal, corporate, commercial, intellectual property, media law, arbitration and litigation.

The firm’s commitment to providing top level service to its clients is our fundamental tenet. We aim to help our clients be winners. Their success is the firm’s success. Our goal is to be the firm choice for clients with the most demanding transactions and cases.We were able to successfully expand our practice by taking advantage of our office’s centennial of experience and knowledge in a vast array of matters and bringing in specialized associates. Moreover, Lykourezos Law Office’s library includes an extensive collection of legal periodicals, legal reference books and scholarly publications which cover both national and international law, which is constantly updated, in conjunction with a vast electronic archive of past cases, all of which are valuable tools for our practice. The library is maintained by an experienced librarian who has an excellent knowledge of managing legal information. It is equipped with equipment of the latest technology and is connected to electronic databases with legal content, by which the lawyers have access to all the most recent legislation and case law from all the Courts in Greece.

These tools are used by our associates, under the guidance and advice of the firm’s partner, Mr. Alexandros Lykourezos, to offer top level professional services to our clients. The firm promotes the exchange of experience through regular meetings of the lawyers.
Moreover, the office maintains full technological support, including conference room equipped with audio – visual systems.

Lykourezos Law Offices represents many prominent individuals and major corporations. Where the cases involve matters of foreign law, the firm consults with the leading law firms in the European Union, the Balkans, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Canada with which the firm has a long – standing relationship.