Alexandros Lykourezos

Alexandros Lykourezos

Alexandros Lykourezos studied law at the Law School of the University of Athens and continued to pursue his post-graduate studies in Germany, at the University of Heidelberg on a German scholarship specializing in Criminal Law and Philosophy of Law. He also pursued post-graduate studies at University College of London. Since 1961 he has practiced law in Greece as the head of Lykourezos Law. For the past 50 years, he has handled, successfully, many high profile cases. His meticulous preparation, extensive research and skillful presentation in the courtroom earned him such a reputation in Greece that he has became known as one of the most sought after attorney in the country. His name has become synonymous with the legal profession in Greece and the Greek Press has coined the phrase “Profession Lykourezos”. In 2000, he was elected to Parliament for the District of Athens with the New Democracy party, the incumbent Prime Minister’s political party. As a result of a constitutional amendment prohibiting Members of Parliament from concurrently exercising another profession, he chose not to participate in the subsequent parliamentary elections. He was served also as Chairman of the Hellenic Football League from 2005 – 2007.

In addition to an extensive criminal and civil litigation experience, Alexandros Lykourezos has also acted:

  • Advising on various PPP projects including structuring issues, governing law issues, PPP contracts, financial and security agreements and supporting all procedures required by Greek and Community law for the drafting and signing the agreements related to PPP projects.
  • Advising on privatization projects with respect to Hellenic Organizations for Telecommunications and Thessaloniki Water Supply and Sewerage Company SA
  • Advising on waste management projects including review of the Greek and EU legislation regarding the tender process.
  • Advising with respect to and monitoring licensing procedures for a major Austrian energy company regarding photovoltaic ad wind parks totaling 1120 MW.
  • Advising clients with respect to acquisition including the acquisition of a major Greek defense contractor and various media concerns.
  • Advising clients with respect to participation in public tenders.
  • Represented the Greek Government in Israel during the 2005 crisis with the Patriarchate of Jerusalem and was instrumental in the election of His All Holiness, Beatitude Patriarch of Jerusalem and All Palestine, Theofilos III.

Alexandros Lykourezos has participated as a speaker in important conferences on various topics as well as on PPPs and Real Estate amongst others i.e. BHCC (March 2006, London), 6th International Summit of Serbia & Montenegro (May 2006, Belgrade), 7th Annual PPP European Summit (November 2006, Athens), 8th Annual Capital Link Forum (November 2006, New York), World Bank Conference (December 2006, Athens), 7th Economic Summit of the Republic of Serbia (October 2007, Belgrade), 8th Real Estate Development Conference & Exhibition in South Eastern Europe (October 2007, Athens), 9th Annual Capital Link Forum (November 2007, New York), 2nd PPP Economist Conference (December 2007, Athens), City & Financial – The Greek PPP Market Forum (March 2008, Athens), Economist Conferences –  The 12th Roundtable with the Government of Greece (April 2008, Athens), Economist Conferences – Defense & Security Summit (May 2008, Athens), 6th SEKPY (Hellenic Manufacturers of Defense Material Association) International Conference (October 2008, Athens), PPPs Conference (March 2009, Belgrade), City & Financial – 2nd Greek PPP Forum (May 2009, Athens, Power Summit hosted by Forbes Magazines in Athens (June 2011) Greece-Russia Investment Conference (September 2011, Rhodes) and recently IENE-Institute of Energy for South East Europe – 6th South East Europe Energy Dialogue (May 2012, Thessaloniki) and in the Israeli Legal Conference in Paris and London (June 17-18, 2012).

He has also written articles on the PPPs topic i.e. Public Private Partnerships (International Financial Law Review – IFLR magazine, July 2006), A positive impact on Greek Services (World Finance magazine, August – September 2007), The new Greek Law on PPPs – A new market in the making (Privatizations & Public Private Partnership Review 2007/08).

Alexandros Lykourezos served as Chairman of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars of the United States’ Smithsonian Institution of the 2008 Woodrow Wilson Awards ceremony in Athens.



  • “... Alexander Lykourezos, e nei Balcani lo conoscono tutti. E considerato “il” principe del Foro ...”

    -Corriere Della Sera-
  • “... Αlexander Lykourezos est l’avocat le plus prise du pays ...”

    – Libération-